Ready Player One

Monique Donnelly sang one the film ready player one
Fun session today at Warner Brother’s scoring stage. I can’t believe Steven Spielberg was actually there. Allan Silvestri’s music was so beautiful to sing – We sang everything from ominous to angelic.- and my strand partner Diane and I just happened to be a little matchy, matchy…Ha!

Living Biblically TV Show

Sang on a TV show called Living Biblically
This week I got to do a fun shoot for a TV show called Living Biblically. We were on set for two days as a part of their gospel choir. It’s a comedy where the main character is faced with the challenge of “living by the book”…no lies, cheating, etc. The show was really funny and a joy to work on.

Katy Perry Sessions

Katy Perry

This year I have have been so thrilled to have been able to work with Katy Pery. First, we had the opportunity to sing with her on the song “Pendulum” from her recent album Witness, which debuted to rave reviews. She did some really fun things to promote this one. We surprised her with an impromptu serenade at her amazing Los Angeles studio and sang with her on a fan appreciation live stream for her YouTube channel just after. She’s a such a gracious person and a wonderful person to work with.

The Last Jedi Sessions

Monique Donnelly sings on the soundtrack to starters roque one
May the Fourth Be With You! In celebration of this special day, I thought I’d post on this very special session. So of course one cannot say much here, nor could one take much by way of photos (haha). But I can say that I am so excited to have been able to sing on this amazing score and of course cannot wait to see this movie on December 15th!

Harry Styles Sign of the Times

Getting a chance to sing for the Mr. Harry Styles was a treat. He showed us all the chivalry of a true English gentleman. When one of our singers was feeling under the weather, Harry rushed out to bring him water and take care of him personally. What a great guy! He also credited us singers directly prior to the albums official release. How’s that for being gracious! His much anticipated solo album releases later this month and his first single, Sign of the times is out now.

War for the Planet of the Apes

The men on that gig did such a killer job in this session, with their earthy tribal grunts and it’s always a little thrill of mine when we get to sing on the film company’s logo, this one being the iconic 20th Century Fox Film logo. Also how exciting to see this little gem in the Fox studios halls, an orchestra of Apes from the original film!

Smurfs Sessions


I grew up watching the Smurfs so being able to sing on this new animated feature with my girls was a bit nostalgic. There really is hardly anything else that brings me so much joy than to be able to record with my girls. It was a full, 8 hour day of recording, so when the studio teacher would call for the kids, four other women and I would record little bits here and there in the interim. Emily even got a little melodic solo in the opening scene! Ahhh… It’s not easy doing a step out solo in front of your peers with the composer standing right in front of you, but that girl has got nerves of steel! She pulled through like a trouper and I couldn’t have been more proud.

Star Trek Beyond


One reason I love singing Michael Giacchino’s music are the hidden gems he manages to work in here and there! I’m always looking for the moments where he’ll slip in his children’s names… and maybe the occasional pet too… ha!

If ever you hear the contemporary Star Trek theme with it’s iconic solo, that is my friend Elin Carlson, pictured in the maroon shirt… I looked at her as soon as my eyes took in what we were about to sing and grabbed a quick photo to be able to remember how epic it felt to get to share this musical moment with her!

Michael is always so gracious to come out after the session is over to give a big thank you to the singers, to which the singers always roar in applause. We know we are incredible fortunate to be able to do what we love for a living and for composers like him who make it possible.