The Voice 2021

There’s nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than singing, working and playing with your friends. Big thanks to my dear friend Kara Britz for allowing me to be a part of this incredible choir backing up award-winning artist, Lauren Daigle! Such talent. I LOVE her heart. I’ve been a BIG fan for many years so it was such a treat to meet her!

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Living Biblically TV Show

Sang on a TV show called Living Biblically
This week I got to do a fun shoot for a TV show called Living Biblically. We were on set for two days as a part of their gospel choir. It’s a comedy where the main character is faced with the challenge of “living by the book”…no lies, cheating, etc. The show was really funny and a joy to work on.

2015 Grammy Awards

Wow, was the 2015 Grammy Awards a blast. Working with Hanz Zimmer was AMAZING. He was so personable and fun. Pharrell put on such an energetic performance. I am so blessed to work with such talented singers and performers. Not only did I get to meet some new singers, I ran into so many old friends. It seemed like every performer had a choir. What a great night!pharrell_2015_mdv

American Bible Challenge

Singing for “The American Bible Challenge” (to be aired on the Game Show Network) has by far been my most favorite gig, I think ever. It was a solid week (9 episodes) of hanging out with some of the funniest, most talented people I know. PLUS, all the trivia was about my favorite book! …Oh if only I could have been a contestant! (she said, shaking fist to the sky). The host, Jeff Foxworthy, was so kind to us the whole week, he was really great!