Action Movie Solos are awesome

Can I tell you about something very exciting that happened to me recently? In a session for an upcoming action movie, we sang through this giant stack of music, and at one point towards the end of the session, we had begun to out-sing the orchestra. So we started to sing everything a cappella! There were literally just a few minutes left in the session when we got to the last cue. We were excited to possibly make it through the entire stack of music, but the pressure was on! The contractor noticed in the soprano section it had the word “solo” so quickly paused to ask if that was a typo or if they really did just want one soprano to sing the line by herself. Pause in the story…

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Spies in Disguise Sessions

Monique Donnelly Spies in Disguise Vocal Sessions

I love getting to share in a “first” with my friends. Especially when they are as smart and talented as my buddy Alexander Lloyd Blake, AKA “Alex”. I love seeing my friends succeed! Looks like Blue Sky animation has another success on it’s hands. Some of the the vocal cues were pretty intense. Plus, it’s always fun to see my name, “Mo Do” in the lyrics… ha!

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Monique Donnelly
Working on Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was a blast. There’s so much we got through in this session, it was so exciting to see all of the parts that made it in. I got a few neat solos like the one for the lady who sings “Well… we hang up bows of evergreen on every single doorway.” Plus, a little duet I did with my best friend Baraka. We’re both little kids, I’m the older sister and she’s the younger brother who sings, “Eight nights in a row we light the menorah on our mantle,” and it’s even possible that there’s a little Monique kitten at the end… ha! Meow!

Ready Player One

Monique Donnelly sang one the film ready player one
Fun session today at Warner Brother’s scoring stage. I can’t believe Steven Spielberg was actually there. Allan Silvestri’s music was so beautiful to sing – We sang everything from ominous to angelic.- and my strand partner Diane and I just happened to be a little matchy, matchy…Ha!

The Last Jedi Sessions

Monique Donnelly sings on the soundtrack to starters roque one
May the Fourth Be With You! In celebration of this special day, I thought I’d post on this very special session. So of course one cannot say much here, nor could one take much by way of photos (haha). But I can say that I am so excited to have been able to sing on this amazing score and of course cannot wait to see this movie on December 15th!