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Mickey Mouse – Outta Time

Vocalist Monique Donnelly Performs on Disney's Mickey Mouse Outta Time
I always get excited when I get a call from my friends Elyse and Chris Willis because I know something amazing is about to happen. Chris’ compositions have to turn on a dime depending on what the cartoon throws at him so it’s always something different. My last session with them was yodeling, but this time the request was to sing sustained high “C’s” and high “D’s”. If you’re able to take a moment to enjoy this quirky cartoon, be listening for the operatic section towards the end.

Living Biblically TV Show

Sang on a TV show called Living Biblically
This week I got to do a fun shoot for a TV show called Living Biblically. We were on set for two days as a part of their gospel choir. It’s a comedy where the main character is faced with the challenge of “living by the book”…no lies, cheating, etc. The show was really funny and a joy to work on.

Yodeling on Bronco Mickey

Just had the opportunity to yodel on this Disney short with Mickey and friends.

celine dion_1
For the season finale of the voice I had the distinct privilege of backing Celine Dion and The Voice finalist Tessanne. Needless to say, it was especially unique and exciting to be singing with a living legend in an intense and energetic performance. Celine instructed us to give it our all and really pushed the choir to give the performance that extra oomph. We had a blast!
celine dion_2

celine dion_3

The Voice Season 5

I was pleased to have the opportunity to perform on another season of The Voice. As a part of the ensemble for top 10 finalist Jaquie Lee. I love hanging with my fellow singers all day and it was really nice of Christina to give a shout out to the background singers too! Check out the entire performance here.


Yesterday’s first session was at Capitol Records laying down background vocals ala “Disney” gospel choir, Broadway, and just plain silly! It was so rewarding working with Creator, Steve Franks, because he was so easily pleased and open for any crazy ideas we had. The clips will be used for a promotional event for the USA Network series Psych.

The Voice Season 3

Singing for the third season of the voice has been a blast. Had the opportunity to sing choral for Amanda Brown in her December 3rd performance and will sing for the Semi-final performances which air live Monday December 10th.

American Bible Challenge

Singing for “The American Bible Challenge” (to be aired on the Game Show Network) has by far been my most favorite gig, I think ever. It was a solid week (9 episodes) of hanging out with some of the funniest, most talented people I know. PLUS, all the trivia was about my favorite book! …Oh if only I could have been a contestant! (she said, shaking fist to the sky). The host, Jeff Foxworthy, was so kind to us the whole week, he was really great!

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Just wrapped up work on the Ice Age television special A Mammoth Christmas.Doing the mini sloth chants and tribal calls are so fun and unique. It is always a joy to continue work with long standing brands like Ice Age.

Composer: John Paesano
Monique Donnelly: Choir Vocals

The Voice

Recently had the opportunity to sing back up for Frenchie Davis and series winner Javier Colon on the NBC show The Voice.