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La La Land Sessions

Thankful for another opportunity to do what I love. My pencil broke mid “instruction” so it was hard not to laugh as I scribbled with my tiny lead…ha!

Disney’s Zootopia Sessions

It was such an honor to be a part of the upcoming Disney animated feature Zootopia. Not to mention having a front row seat while my other singer friends knock it out of the park. My buddy Fletcher has a killer solo and I just can’t wait to see it when it all put together!


It’s exhilarating having the opportunity to perform perform this weekend at Hollywood Bowl. Not only are we performing songs from Tim Burton’s Nighmare Before Christmas, we’ll be working with none other than Mr. Danny Elfman himself. What a weekend, can’t wait!

Black & White Sessions

I was so pleased to be invited to sing “All The Things You Are” on The Black & White Sessions this week. This is a new channel on Youtube created by Tony Guerrero and Keri Larson which aims to highlight session singers through raw one take performances, uncut and unadulterated. Keri and Tony started releasing videos in March and there are already so many awesome singers who’ve done sessions. Thanks guys for including me in your project. I had a blast!

Yodeling on Bronco Mickey

Just had the opportunity to yodel on this Disney short with Mickey and friends.

I’m so incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to sing on the score for the film Goosebumps composed by none other thanDanny Elfman I love the power of his music and the amazing singers in this town constantly blow my mind. There were floating sopranos and rumbling basses. Together we brought Danny’s vision to life and I really did get goosebumps.

Jurassic World Sessions

I had such a blast with these beautiful people. Working with composer Michael Giacchino and his crew is always a delight. I know this movie will be as epic as it’s score, I can’t wait!

Happy Birthday from Monique Donnelly on Vimeo.

What does it sound like when the entire choir from the motion picture Jurassic World sings Happy Birthday to legendary singer Oren Waters. It sounds a little something like this!

photo 2
Awesome to be a part of another giant session call with Michael Giacchino The movie Tomorrowland, to be released in late May, is an original story from Disney. So very thrilled to be able to contribute to such a creative project.

Had a great session with David Newman at FOX studios the other night. He is currently recording an album comprised of film music across the decades, which will be performed live in concert soon. Such a pleasure to run into my old college friend Jason Livesay there. Jason not only arranges music for film scores, but is a great singer and string player as well!photo 4