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The people at Blizzard entertainment always have something cooking and these WOW sessions always keep me on my toes. It never surprises me to see crazy meters at crazy speeds. The result is always beautiful though. Russell Brower and Neal Acre are wonderful composers!

Wow…New WOW Sessions

All puns aside, World of Warcraft Sessions are a total blast. The music is always so intriguing and beautiful and occasionally, at times, challenging! Hooray for singing in 11/8 time!

World of Warcraft Sessions

Just completed another WOW session and as usual it was a blast. It’s so fun to see what language the composer comes up with. I can’t remember if “Chaw shing guani Bach mei long” means “Nothing goes better with a lite brew than a little Bach” or “We found Bach in the Brewery again.”

God of War II: Siren Battle

Excerpt from God of War II game play: Siren Battle

Monique Donnelly: Voice over Siren voice and song