Disney Epcot Center Sessions

What a thrill to meet and sing for Don Hahn, the producer of Disney’s animated film “Beauty and the Beast”. Disney’s Epcot Center is opening a new attraction where the guests and sing along to a shortened version of the movie. I was hired for my “kid voice”, but also got to use my “mommy voice” and “dramatic teenager” voice. It was a super easy, fun session and was thrilled to be a part. (That height difference though! Ha!)

Disneyland Paris

Got to sing on some special attractions for Disneyland Paris. We did both a Halloween song —”Are You Brave Enough” with lots of key changes and yummy crunchy chords— as well as recording several Christmas songs for a guest sing-a-long. My first gig back from the tour and it was awesome to have my best friend Baraka there with open arms!

Disney’s Zootopia Sessions

It was such an honor to be a part of the upcoming Disney animated feature Zootopia. Not to mention having a front row seat while my other singer friends knock it out of the park. My buddy Fletcher has a killer solo and I just can’t wait to see it when it all put together!

Demo Samples: Disney and Pop

Disney: Promo #1

Disney:Promo #2

Character Sweet/Charming

Barbie: Promo #1


Pop Teen

Pop Blues/Rag

Pop Gospel

Pop country

Pop Dance



Disney and Character Lead Vocals

Disney Princess Royal Boutique

Disney Gem Princess

Disney Magical Wand Dolls

Character (Sweet – Charming)

Barbie Mariposa