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Weird Al Tour Update

If these pictures are any indication, we are singing out hearts out over here and having the time of our lives. We’ve played a slew of amazing venues to incredible crowds and are loving every moment. We recently wrapped a show a Redrocks which I will never forget. This tour will come to a close soon and I am doing my best to savor every moment.

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Before our tour gets officially underway I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been. Here are a few memories from the times we’ve spent together. I just love working with these beautiful people and am so excited about the adventures we’ll have together!

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I’m so excited to announce that I have a new boss! And what better boss to have then Alfred Yankovic otherwise know as Weird Al. He was so gracious as to invite me and my singer friends along for what he has described as his “most full-blown, over the top extravaganza ever.”

I’ll be bringing along Little Al for all of our adventures so stay tuned for updates on all of the shenanigans!


It’s exhilarating having the opportunity to perform perform this weekend at Hollywood Bowl. Not only are we performing songs from Tim Burton’s Nighmare Before Christmas, we’ll be working with none other than Mr. Danny Elfman himself. What a weekend, can’t wait!

Black & White Sessions

I was so pleased to be invited to sing “All The Things You Are” on The Black & White Sessions this week. This is a new channel on Youtube created by Tony Guerrero and Keri Larson which aims to highlight session singers through raw one take performances, uncut and unadulterated. Keri and Tony started releasing videos in March and there are already so many awesome singers who’ve done sessions. Thanks guys for including me in your project. I had a blast!

celine dion_1
For the season finale of the voice I had the distinct privilege of backing Celine Dion and The Voice finalist Tessanne. Needless to say, it was especially unique and exciting to be singing with a living legend in an intense and energetic performance. Celine instructed us to give it our all and really pushed the choir to give the performance that extra oomph. We had a blast!
celine dion_2

celine dion_3

Today I joined composers Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen as a part of their choir at Disney Concert Hall for their first live concert. Their music is most recognizable from blockbuster movie trailers and their company “Two Steps From Hell” has such a loyal following that just a few measures into a song and the crowd would go wild. It was great to see the audience really fired up. The music was really intense, I got to belt out the first soprano high notes in my “out door voice”… ha! That gives me a thrill like none other. Since singing the music, I now recognize it in trailers or commercials. What a great gig. Not only do I get paid to do what I love, I get to hang out with 59 of my fellow studio singer friends while I do it.

Jimmy Kimmel on Valentine’s Day

Because there’s nothing more romantic than Josh Groban on Valentine’s day. Having the opportunity to work with Josh and to perform with him this week has been tremendous. Really a great week.

Had the opportunity to perform with Josh Groban yesterday for Ellen’s Valentine’s Day Special.

I recently spoke with a reporter for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. They put out an article covering the upcoming Christmas concert I’ll be performing in at Real Life Church December 14th and 15th.

From the Article:

“This production is filled with people at the top of their game…All the performers have such serving hearts,” Donnelly said. “They are humble professionals that want to give their best and want to be used to give a gift back to the community.”

Real Life Church’s annual Christmas concert will be held Dec. 14 and 15 at 7 p.m. at the church on 23841 Newhall Ranch Road.