Vocal Coaching on Rio 2

It’s is not everyday that I get to work with such a lovely client as I did this week while in the studio for Rio 2. Working with my youngest daughter Claira was a total blast. I was so proud of my girly. Even though she seemed to be extra nervous this time, she made it through dialogue, some a cappella singing AND an a cappella modulation to the next key! And to make it even more fun that they let her record her character’s introduction,”Claira the Capybara,” using her own name since it rhymed! (It’s become her new nickname around the house… “Claira Claira Capybara… come put your things awaaaay!”)

I had her try a few different versions… one with a little smaller voice, one a little breathy and a few versions of the song with vibrato. As always, it’ll be really fun to see what they end up using!