Neil Young Sessions 2014

In true Neil Young style, we recorded background vocals with a full live orchestra, what a rare treat.
Just like how they did it back in the day! We recorded each song about three or four times. For the first song rather than use a click track, we simply all watched the conductor and just felt the groove.


Capitol Records Session with David Foster

Capitol records with David Foster
It was an amazing session at Capitol Records yesterday with David Foster. Initially I didn’t know what the session would be for, so I was extremely happy and excited when I found out that it was for Mary J. Blige and Stevie Wonder, for each of their newest projects!!
Pictured top right, David Foster holds out his cell phone so Stevie Wonder can sing us our parts. Stevie is redoing all his greatest hits and I cannot wait to hear his final product…. Fast songs are slow, slow songs are fast, meters to songs are changed, polyrhythms are going on, the strings are amazing, the arrangements are incredible! Mary J. Blige is doing a Christmas album and the parts the choir sang just gave me chills when listening back..

This incredible session was definitely one of the highlights of my career. I am so humbled full of gratitude for this incredible experience!
Capitol records with David Foster_2

Emmy Rossum CD Release

Yesterday’s second session gave me just enough time to finish at Capitol, then head down the block to sing back up for actress Emmy Rossum (You’ve seen her in the theatrical release of Phantom) at her CD release party. We sang on two numbers that evening, but my favorite one was the Andrew Sisters tune “Apple blossom Time”. I just can’t get enough of those tight harmonies. She really is an amazing vocalist and so easy to blend with. Really hope this takes off for her… she’s amazing.

Buble Sessions 2012

buble_2012I think singing on two songs of Michael Buble’s next album, has to be one of the most incredible sessions I’ve ever had. He was super kind, starting the session out with a “come on now… let’s hug it out” and passed out hugs to us three singers. He had great musicality, was open to suggestions and was super encouraging. All this… AND crazy funny the whole time. The two tunes we did (produced by Bob Rock) included one original tune and a remake of oldie but goodie. I can’t wait to hear the whole album!

New Work: Josh Groban’s Forthcoming Album

Recently recorded on four songs for Josh Groban’s new album. They are incredible songs and was blown away by the amazing vocal arrangements by Grammy nominated Roger Treece. While each song has a very different in style, the signature Groban sound grabs the heart in each one. Chairman of Warner Brother’s Music, Rob Cavallo, was incredibly encouraging and hospitable. It was so great getting to know him and the way his musical brain ticks.