Fox Studios Session with David Newman

Had a great session with David Newman at FOX studios the other night. He is currently recording an album comprised of film music across the decades, which will be performed live in concert soon. Such a pleasure to run into my old college friend Jason Livesay there. Jason not only arranges music for film scores, but is a great singer and string player as well!photo 4

My All American


I love seeing my friends succeed. I couldn’t have been more proud of my old college buddies Jason and Nolan Livesay for their amazing vocal arrangements on the soon to be released film “My All American”. Composer John Paesano offered some truly inspiring themes and the Lifesay brothers did an excellent job of translating those themes. I’ve been seeing their names in movie credits for a while now so couldn’t have been more thrilled that our paths finally crossed. I actually got to meet writer and director of the film Angelo Pizzo, who also wrote “Rudy” and “Hoosiers”. He and composer John Paesano were incredibly gracious and I’m excited to see what this power team creates.

Night At the Museum 3

Just recorded with Alan Silvestri on the score for Night at the Museum 3. It was both a privilege and a pleasure to work on this film in particular, as it is the last work starring the late Robin Williams. Having worked with Mr. Williams in the past, I’m proud to have contributed to a film which will certainly honor his legacy.

Vocal Contracting on The Sound and the Fury

james_francoSuch a thrill to be vocal contracting on the upcoming film The Sound and the Fury, directed by and staring James Franco.

I love being able to higher my singer friends and I couldn’t have been more proud of the way they sang with all their heart and soul. This on-camera choir included some of LA’s top session singers. Grammy award winner Alvin Chea (from Take Six), as well as Carmen Twillie, singer of the iconic Disney tune “The Circle of Life”. As well as being trusted to pick the right singers, they even allowed me to help pick out and help arrange the tunes they’d perform.

adaptation of William Faulkner’s 1929 novel

Rio 2 Sessions

john powell_rio_2
In our most recent Rio 2 session we were invited to record in John Powell’s private studio. We laid down vocals for both songs as well as soundtrack. As always John Powell has created amazing textures and emotions. Can’t wait to see this film!!

Rio 2 with Sergio Mendes

Rio 2 is in production and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to be a part! What a treat to meet and work with Sergio Mendes and all his crazy Latin rhythm! Such a talented, humble man who’s toothy smile is infectious. He’s helping write some of the tunes and the collaboration between he and John Powell is just magic.

Catch my daughter in the Rio 2 trailer as Cliara the Capybara. I had a great time being her vocal coach for this session.

Vocal Coaching on Rio 2

It’s is not everyday that I get to work with such a lovely client as I did this week while in the studio for Rio 2. Working with my youngest daughter Claira was a total blast. I was so proud of my girly. Even though she seemed to be extra nervous this time, she made it through dialogue, some a cappella singing AND an a cappella modulation to the next key! And to make it even more fun that they let her record her character’s introduction,”Claira the Capybara,” using her own name since it rhymed! (It’s become her new nickname around the house… “Claira Claira Capybara… come put your things awaaaay!”)

I had her try a few different versions… one with a little smaller voice, one a little breathy and a few versions of the song with vibrato. As always, it’ll be really fun to see what they end up using!

Epic Sessions

untitledAcademy Award winning sound designer Gwen Whittle challenged our boundaries in the most interesting 3 hours of work I think I’ve ever had. Though it’s possible my half decent “cricket” sound got me hired, we ended up making a bunch of menacing insect sounds, inhaling noises, creaks, snaps, buzzing and humming… you name it. Because I was one of the only chics, they ended up using my smaller higher sounds for a minor side-kick character called “Skeet”. I’m so stoked for this opportunity and can’t wait to hear what they end up keeping!